New Floral Artist Brings Blooming Lovely Wallpaper to Wallsauce


Floral artist, Uta Naumann joins the Wallsauce designer collection with her detailed designs that will adorn your walls in must-have wallpaper.

Born in Dresden, Germany, Uta is known for her romantic vintage style and timeless glamour. Over the years, she has developed a collection of beautiful artwork that represents her love for nature and colour. Her inspiration is driven from antique pharmaceutical plant illustrations, including tropical vegetation and roses which can be seen in her 15-piece collection.6786589_lAs moody floral wallpaper strongly competes in 2020, Uta’s designs come in perfect time for this interior trend. Amongst bright tropical prints, you can discover her gothic bouquets that are rich in deep dark colours and exhibit stunning detail.

Head to Wallsauce to view the new floral wallpaper by Uta Naumann. All designs are made to order and are printed onto high-quality materials, including a removable wallpaper for rented homes.

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