NEW T.moon Battery – Battery Collection by In-es.artdesign


The Battery collection is the latest novelty presented by In-es.artdesign. This collection includes lamps with different designs suitable for different tastes and styles, united by the fact that they are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Part of the Battery Collection is inspired by the Moon and made of Nebulite © material (mix of resin and fibers). Luna Take Away is a romantic and multifunctional product that features a steel handle, available in different colors; the lamp can be carried indoors or outdoors and has different brightness settings.

The collection also includes T.moon , a miniature moon available in different sizes, Liquid Lightin the shape of a bottle, available in six different colors and Button T , a luminous hemisphere. These table lamps are perfect for creating a poetic and romantic atmosphere.

Also part of this collection are the Candle and Cacio & pepe portable lamps , made of laprene, a soft and tactile material similar to rubber. Candle was designed to recreate the atmosphere given by the light of a candle, but in a technological and versatile version. The neutral color of this lamp contrasts with the bright colors of the silicone strap, useful for carrying or hanging the lamp. Cacio & pepe is a fun and playful lamp, available in different colors.