Sagitine: Creating Calming Spaces


When you first move into a new home or re-arrange things in your existing home,
the one thing we all aim to do is de-clutter. We de-clutter and deep clean to create a
calming space – so that the home does not remind you of what is happening outside
and induces a sense of relaxation and peace.

With the New Year upon us, it is (without doubt) the best time to start
thinking about how to organise, coordinate and create spaces that ooze off nothing but
good vibes. This can be done in a number of ways, such as Feng Shui. To Feng Shui a
home, means to slow down the energy flow, to keep the house clear of clutter, and to
balance elements within the house – which will also declutter the mind.screenshot_4
One brand that understands this importance better than ever is Sagitine. As a designed
furniture storage solution, Sagitine combines aesthetics and practicality to achieve a
sophisticated range of products that even your most treasured possessions will love.

Tina Clark, the founder of Sagitine, established the brand around the philosophy of
‘buying less and appreciating the value of things.’ This ties in directly with the notion of
generating a relaxed and unruffled home.screenshot_5
Underscoring the reason why Sagitine focuses on quality instead of quantity, the pared
back design of each Sagitine piece emanates a sexy and avant-garde luxury that
provides a multi-functional addition to any space. The curves of the innovative storage
solutions are nostalgic of the charm and elegance of a vintage Louis Vuitton travel
trunk and the materials – consisting of electroplated brass, leather, walnut and powdercoated aluminium – ensures that it is accessible for any interior style.

As an “affordable way of having nice-looking furniture,” as Tina explains, creating
calming spaces with Sagitine is the only way forward.screenshot_6
The Classic range is made with solid walnut and powder-coated aluminium, while the
limited-edition Luxe range oozes grandeur with leather and electroplated brass.
The difference between the stands are its contents: Santiago is a medium-size piece
that features six generous drawers that allow people to store everything from shoes
and scarves to stationery and books; New York has room for 20 pairs of shoes and
exudes accessible design with its height; Shanghai is a 14 box stand that offers a
compact storage solution with an unmatched elegant edge; and Sydney features 30
succinct drawers.

The quality of construction and manufacturing ensures that Sagitine remains a unique
furniture and storage solution across the design landscape. Hand-made, each piece
rewrites the rules of organising and safe-keeping multiple things. “These stands
are beautiful in their own right and look at home amongst existing living, office and
bedroom furniture,” Tina explains. “People can use the stands for so many things and
they can take the stands anywhere because it is not built-in. It is an affordable way of
having nice-looking furniture.”