Stylecraft Singapore Showroom


Located in The Genting Centre on Lim Teck Kim Rd, the new Stylecraft Singapore showroom, designed by HASSELL, is personified by a bold use of colour and combination of materials to stage the brands latest furniture, lighting and accessory collections.

Doubling the size of the previous showroom, the new space intrigues by featuring split levels and a new experience at every turn. Tones of mustard and emerald act as backdrops for settings including Nave by Skeehan Studio and Julep by Tacchini, with a striking red window vantage featuring the JK Easy Chair and Jabara sideboard by Ritzwell. Navy velvet curtains frame a Softscape modular lounge setting by Helen Kontouris of LEN, while a lighting wall displays pendant and wall light ranges by Australian designer, Ross Gardam. Gardam’s ranges appear throughout the space in various configurations and enhance every corner of the showroom.  screenshot_6
A dedicated space to Arper showcases the Italian brand’s modular and loose furniture collections, along with highlighting Parentesit acoustic wall panels in autumnal tones. Chair walls with terracotta coloured tiling allow ample display for seating by international brands such as Prostoria, Stua and Sipa. As workplace design trends evolve and develop, a workstation and task chair focused area showcases ThinkingWorks and 9to5 Seating’s capabilities in this ever changing environment. Recently released to the Asia-Pacific region, the Avion collection by Keith Melbourne, is housed in this area to demonstrate its adaptability for modern workplaces.screenshot_5

Joel Sampson, Senior Associate at HASSELL who worked with a design team across the Singapore and Shanghai HASSELL studios on the project, describes the design process. “Following on from the success of the Sydney and Melbourne Stylecraft showroom designs by HASSELL, we were very conscious that the showroom needed to be kept within the Stylecraft showroom aesthetic, yet with its own distinct Singaporean identity. Split across 4 levels, we have created a series of moments throughout the showroom that capture each individual area’s unique identity. One of these moments is a circular puncture, linking and framing the moment of entrance to the moment of exit. Dramatic half-moon shaped velvet curtains, designed to frame furniture settings grounded by the Stylecraft rugs collection, act as a moment of impact upon entering the showroom. All of the spaces are linked together through the main showroom floor, referred to as the social heart. This is a large open space that has a range of small alcoves and central kitchen. This area is peppered with terracotta tiles, a typical finish used throughout street paving in Singapore, providing the showroom with a local identity.”screenshot_4
“The experience of designing the new Stylecraft showroom was truly one of co-creation between HASSELL and Stylecraft. The Stylecraft Singapore team truly had 100% trust in the HASSELL design team to deliver a great outcome and have been a dream client for HASSELL. The full design consultant team worked tirelessly for a successful outcome.”
Stylecraft and HASSELL would like to thank the key consultants involved in the design:
Lighting – Arup
MEP – Bescon
Structure – TnJ consultants
QP – Staarch
Flooring – Shaw Contract
Unit #01-01
Genting Centre
3 Lim Teck Kim Rd

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 6:00pm